Chapter 1 - Introduction

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The next pages give an overview on the fundamental inventory work, its backgrounds and basic tasks.

1.1 National Inventory Background
Why we do what we do: The CLRTAP convention and its protocols, Germany's reduction obligations, …

1.2 Institutional Arrangements
The necessary institutional framework: Inventory preparation, responsibilities of the Single National Entity, …

1.3 Inventory Preparation Process
How we do it: The process of inventory preparation.

1.4 Methods and Data Sources
Where we get our data from: Main data sources, national statistics, models, plant specific data, …

1.5 Key Categories
Main emission sources and interesting trends.

1.6 QA/QC and Verification methods
Assuring a high quality inventory: The German Quality System for Emission Inventories.

1.7 General Uncertainty Evaluation
The quality of numbers: specific and over-all uncertainty assessment.

1.8 General Assessment of Completeness
Mind the gap: necessary efforts to achieve the "complete" inventory.

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